Sean Sevy

In 2011, Sean Sevy went to India as a Student Engineer to introduce innovative toilet systems called Soilets. Soilets are toilets which break down waste using earthworms. During that three-month humanitarian trip, his volunteer group built five Soilets. When Sean returned to India five years later, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that the original slum of five Soilets now had 150 Soilets. And most recently, the concept has been picked up by the government of India as a means to provide sanitation to communities lacking basic sewer resources.

Sean is currently a Mechanical Engineer working at Hill Air Force Base. He also is the host for a podcast called Un-Uninformed, which covers the news via political poetry and interviews with social entrepreneurs. While making a living as an engineer is currently his top priority, Sean maintains that the Soilet Project is a “number two” priority that should not be neglected.