Amy Shaffer

Amy is an intuitive creative facilitator (a role she calls a “Friend of Ideas”) whose path has woven through marketing, technology, education and cause-based work. Her focus centers around the notion that ideas and creativity are more than the products or results they generate—they are an essential medium for human connection, meaning and growth. For the last ten years, she has developed tools and ways to understand and apply this truth, most recently as the creative director and co-creator of The Wonderment. This nonprofit digital platform and global community, based in Salt Lake City, has allowed thousands of kids from over 25 countries to take creative action that has connected and impacted communities all over the world.

She is also a creator/cofounder of the Idea Idea, an ongoing experimental workshop series that has brought people together in places from General Assembly to SXSW to explore the purpose and nature of shared ideas.

Along the way, Amy's work has been featured by the New York Times, the Webbys, Slate and Vogue.

Amy is happiest when wandering; she, her husband, and son have made their way to four different continents this year. But they're always happy that Salt Lake City is the place they get to call home.