Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally is a true renaissance man from the Crestside streets of North Vallejo born on July 1, 1986 at 7:05am at Hanford Naval Base in Lemoore, CA. After moving from Vallejo to Sacramento in 2002, and graduating from high school in 2004, he would be the first in over 40 years to be offered a full Track & Field scholarship to UC Berkeley (Cal). Shaadie would attend UC Berkeley on scholarship until 2007 where he withdrew from the school to grow of his own accord and focus on his music and family full time. With many years of independent grind, Shaadie has learned all facets of being an independent artist, a performer, and true entrepreneur. 

In 2008 Shaadie received his AA in Social Science from Sac City College. By 2012 after years of working for the State of California in Sacramento, a promotion sent him back to the Bay Area. While there Shaadie helped form the musical co-op mFm; Music Family Money. In 2014 Shaadie and his brother Brandon "KB" Henry co-founded their community outreach and entertainment company called Mac Life which is an acronym for Mind's Achieving Change Living In Forgotten Environments. In September 2021, Shaadie landed his own segment on ABC 4 Utah during Good Things Utah called “A Shot with Shaadie” where he showcases local talent, entrepreneurs and business from the minority communities of Utah. Shaadie is passionate about connecting people with the resources to fulfill their needs and dreams. From event coordinating to entertainment directing, MC to host, booking agent to performer, on-screen personality to behind the scene organizer, Shaadie is a Swiss Army Knife of entertainment services.

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