Ory Zik

Ory Zik is a physicist and entrepreneur focusing on energy and climate. Ory is the CEO of Qnergy. The Utah-based company that transforms distributed methane waste into clean, reliable, low-cost electricity, using it’s Stirling engine technology. Past roles include Founder and CEO of Energy Points. The company developed data and analytics for managing natural resources (acquired by Lux research). Co-founder and CEO of solar energy company HelioFocus Inc., a developer of solar energy solutions for conventional power plants. Founding CEO of Quantomix Inc. The company developed an imaging modality that allows electron microscopes to image live cells (acquired by El-Mul Technologies). Ory Holds B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University and Ph.D. in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. As an environmentalist Ory is known for founding the Israeli branch of Greenpeace.