Joseph Sim

Joseph Sim is an Award Winning Filmmaker from the United Kingdom. With his work spanning across a wide spectrum of formats; from documentaries, to international events, to interviewing strangers on the street; he considers himself a “professional storyteller”.

For the last ten years he has built an internationally recognized videography brand in Alexander Documentarian. A filmmaking team and organization that has serviced multiple B Corp Certified businesses and individuals around the world.

Joseph has a passion for strangers. The vast majority of his personal projects have all been focused on seeking advice and information from anyone and everyone around him. A common practice will find him, camera in hand, connecting with total strangers on the street and documenting their mannerisms, character and insights.

Joseph is a firm believer that a genuine curiosity in strangers is the remedy for polarization and isolation. He’s seen this concept show people they can meet someone completely unlike them, and yet still completely like them.