George McEwan

George McEwan is a multi-disciplined technologist with 30 years of work experience in engineering and management. He holds several patents as sole inventor in the field of high-speed satellite communications and has been a contributor to patent applications involving 3D visualization, digital encryption, and digital forensics. With demonstrated aptitude in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering, he has built up a successful and significant portfolio of technology wins throughout his career. From the smallest embedded computer design to large scale IT architecture, George has designed, built, and managed products in all of these areas.

Currently serving as the Utah Department of Health’s IT Director, George has spent the last eight years of his career working for the State of Utah in the Department of Technology Services specifically catering to the needs of the Department of Health (DOH). During his time with DOH, he has managed to innovate operations in multiple situations creating significant savings for the state by bringing in new technologies and using a commercial mindset of Total Quality Management and accountability with his staff.

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