Adam Miles

Adam Miles is a creator of social impact, a champion of the hustling underdog, and a shiner of light. As the founder of Refugee Soccer, he dedicates his energy, experience, and network to bridge the divide between refugee and mainstream communities around the world through soccer. He has been to Africa more than a dozen times and has played soccer with thousands of kids across the USA as part of the mission he leads to touch the lives of millions of displaced humans globally.

For nearly 20 years Adam worked on Wall Street helping VC funds and high net worth individuals manage their assets. And thanks to living numerous years in Japan, Adam has near-native fluency in spoken and written Japanese. He is a published author and loves to write as a way of grasping and hacking the lessons of life.

About Refugee Soccer, Adam always says, “It takes so little to do so much.” It is this view that provides him and his team the most fulfilling return on investment of time, capital, and heart.

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