C. Valenta

Cornelius was raised by a single mother of 6 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The adversity he faced left him with two options: follow those before him or deviate, despite the risk it carries. His question wasn’t where to start, but how to establish oneself while lacking direction. During his childhood, his mother would play music in a van that often served as their home. Unknowingly at that time, music would play a pivotal role in the years to come. 

His hardships changed his priorities, forcing him to place his education on hold, and focus on earning a stable income. In 2015, Cornelius obtained his GED before enrolling at Salt Lake Community College. There he would study two other degrees before he found himself captivated by the music. In November of 2018, music’s impact would allow him to become C. Valenta; Creating a mouthpiece for silenced adversities.

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