Tony Pavlantos

Tony Pavlantos is a local athlete and entrepreneur and co-founder of Prival USA, The Prival Foundation, and Arbor Concepts. Tony's environmental and philanthropic values are directed toward improving the air we breathe.  

In search of powder-covered mountains to foster his snowboarding career, Tony landed in Salt Lake City. While exploring the Eastern Shoshone, Goshute and Ute native land from high on the ridgelines, Tony couldn’t ignore the toxic air in the valley below.  

Personally, he began radical experimentation with how he moves and where he dwells. In business, experiences with product design illuminated the environmental impacts of manufacturing. Socially, he committed to US production of outdoor gear, and offered his voice into the legislative process. 

Tony lives on the delicate line between environmental ethics and efficient business, believing economic development and the wellbeing of the natural world are compatible, viable, and crucial.

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