Dr. Chelsea Shields

Dr. Chelsea Shields is a bio-social anthropologist, placebo studies expert, and runs a local consulting business. 

In her academic work, Dr. Shields focuses on the evolution and elicitation of the placebo effect outside medical contexts. She coined the concept of social susceptibility to talk about how and why our human bodies have evolved to react, adjust, and adapt to specific social rituals, relationships and communities. Her work also investigates the evolutionary mismatch of modern human hyper-sociality and the health implications of a global, digital, 24/7 social network. 

In her professional work, Shields runs a research and strategy business that specializes in qualitative, quantitative, and ethnographic research as well as creative ideation, branding, and user-experience design. Shields’ placebo expertise comes in handy as she helps companies “dose out” the intangible aspects of their branding, packaging, and design (e.g., the look, feel, voice, tone, recognizability, reputation, legacy, originality, and countless more). 

Dr. Shields is also a TEDFellow, 3x TEDSpeaker, and teaches speaker training that is focused on the 90% of communication we never talk about: the non-verbals!

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