Sonali Loomba

Sonali Loomba is a Kathak dancer artist from India, now based in Utah. Kathak is one of the 8 classical dance forms from India showcasing the grace, beauty, and power of storytelling of various mythologies from India. She has performed on various stages in India and in the US and continues to progress in the field of art. Sonali is the first kathak dancer to have showcased this dance form on large platforms in and around Utah and is the Founder and Artistic Director of the only Kathak school in the state – ‘Kaladharaa Dance School’ which aims to promote and preserve this ancient and traditional dance form. With a Masters education in Human Resource Management from India, Sonali has always been close to Indian Classical Arts and found dance to be her calling making it her full time profession. She is a well known choreographer in her field and believes dance can bring communities and people closer to one another. She has worked with various western dancers and musicians and has been successful in bringing out the true color of different dance forms and music.

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