Jaxon Willard

Jaxon Willard dances at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio. He currently trains in numerous styles of dance, including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Musical Theater and Ballroom. Jaxon has been dancing since before he could walk. His older sisters all cheered and loved teaching him their routines and dances and tumbling. He was a quick study and loved music and to move. He started choreographing early on as well. He choreographed dances for groups of kids at recess in elementary
school, where a lunch guard, who was also a member of the City Arts Council invited him to open for a Concert in the Park series. He self-choreographed & performed several numbers for that performance at the age of 11, with no formal training to that point. He began a before-school ballroom program that same year and loved both the dancing, and the performing. He then slowly stepped into the rest of the dance world one class at a time. First, Hip-Hop, then more Ballroom and some Jazz. He made the Brigham Young University Youth Ballroom team when he was 12, but after much thought and heartache, he began his formal training for all styles of dance and dance company involvement. At his very first Nationals competition, the Dance Awards Vegas 2016, he placed in the Top 10 for the Best Dancer. The following year at the Dance Awards Nationals Vegas 2017, he was honored to be named the First-Runner Up for The Best Dancer, with a self-choreographed piece. Jaxon feels blessed to have the opportunity to have found something that brings him such happiness and allows him to express himself is a profound and positive way. He is very grateful for kind and talented teachers, mentors and friends that teach and inspire him on this journey.

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