Save the Date: September 8, 2018 

Dr. Sujatha Sampath

Dr. Sujatha Sampath is a physicist working in interdisciplinary areas of nano-scale physics, bio-physics & advanced materials. Her research focuses on understanding molecular and nanoscale structure and how specific molecular arrangements lead to interesting properties in natural and engineered materials. Her expertise is in synchrotron x-ray and neutron techniques to probe molecular structure. Dr. Sampath has worked at Argonne National Laboratory and led multi-institutional research programs in spider-silk based bio-materials, technological, energy storage and polymeric drug-delivery materials. Her research findings have appeared in leading scientific journals including Nature, Physical Review Letters and Soft Matter and featured on PBS-NOVA. Her latest interests are in application of A.I for design and discovery of new advanced materials. Dr. Sampath is a two-time recipient of the Mildred Blewett Fellowship awarded by the American Physical Society. She is a strong proponent of increasing STEM awareness and science outreach, has served as a member of the United States Delegation for a Global Summit for Women Physicists. In her free time, she enjoys classical music, painting, & hiking the Wasatch ranges with her husband.

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