Save the Date: September 8, 2018 

Collin Kartchner

Collin Kartchner is a local internet crusader, youth advocate, and social activist spreading education and awareness nationwide on the negative effects of social media and screen addiction on our mental and emotional health. In 2017, Collin started a parody Instagram account where he posed as a social media influencer obsessed with fame, likes, diet soda, plastic surgery, and used humor to shed light on how Instagram influencers perpetuated a culture of toxic perfectionism here in Utah. His account grew to over 60,000 dedicated followers, 89% being women in Utah. Instead of using his popularity to earn paid sponsor dollars or sell essential oils, he used his platform for good, raising $100k's for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma victims, 3 Utah children fighting cancer, and now travels across the state and country speaking to teens, parents, educators, and communities about how social media, specifically the correlation between teen social media and screen-time addiction and the epidemic spike in teen anxiety, depression, and suicide. Collin started a nationwide movement to #SavetheKids and #SavetheParents. Collin and his wife, Liz, live in Pleasant Grove with their unplugged 4 kids and an enormous dog, Tuque.

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