Save the Date: September 8, 2018 

Alan Whitaker

Alan Whitaker is a technologist seeking more productive cooperation between humans and machines. He is the founder of Department 24c, where digital makers apply emerging technology and AI to build smarter products. The Department employs methods like natural language interfaces and quantitative decision-making, informed by experiential data as well as human expertise. Through its engineering efforts, the firm invests in new ventures, currently including Favoreats, a social food discovery and meal planning application, and Snapestry, a live engagement platform for events.

Previously Alan served as a Fortune 500 CTO building global data flows for clients including UPS, UnitedHealthcare, MetLife, Aetna, and General Motors. He co-founded a digital marketing company, then founded and led a data science company, Red Brain Labs, which helped large enterprises make better realtime decisions. After this was acquired by healthcare research firm Savvysherpa, Alan led prototyping efforts as a principal there.

He’s hooked on adventure travel with the family, attempting to run unusual distances in the mountains, and collecting visual evidence of life on earth.

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